Breast Reconstruction following Mastectomy

Women may need to have a mastectomy for a variety of reasons. Some of them are suffering from cancer, and they need to have a breast or both removed. Others are trying to take a preventative measure against getting breast cancer in the first place. Whatever the case may be, women often want to have their breasts replaced after the removal.

Understanding the Breast Reconstruction Process

Some women choose to have breast reconstruction done shortly after the mastectomy. They will need to speak with Dr. Wendell Perry to find out exactly how long they have to wait after their removal procedure. If women are having both of their breasts reconstructed, then they will likely feel more confident that the two will match one another. On the other hand, some women worry that their breasts will look unbalanced or that one breast will look significantly different from the other. This procedure has become so refined in recent years that women can feel confident that their breasts will look just as they want them to.

Handling Fears of Cancer and Breast Reconstruction

When women are looking into breast reconstruction, they are often worried about how the reconstruction process will interfere with their cancer treatment. While they do want to retain their figure to have a sense of emotional and physical confidence, they are most concerned with the treatment for their disease. Individuals should speak with Dr. Perry about their specific conditions, but they should know that breast reconstruction generally does not preclude them from receiving any necessary treatments.

Dealing with the Return of Breast Cancer

Another problem that women face is when they think about their breast cancer returning. They wonder if the breast reconstruction surgery could actually cause the cancer to return. According to the American Cancer Society, a link has not been shown to exist there. Just because you opt for breast reconstruction surgery does not mean that your cancer is going to return. Furthermore, some women worry that if they have the surgery, then their doctors will lack the ability to detect the cancer if it returns. The American Cancer Society also ensures that the chance of that situation happening is quite low.

Building a Sense of Confidence

Facing cancer is an issue that causes people a great deal of emotional, mental and physical strife. Some women feel as though they have lost that which makes them feminine as they undergo a mastectomy and perhaps hair loss as well from certain treatments. Undergoing breast reconstruction surgery can help to restore your confidence. You can feel as though you are the woman whom you always were, except that you are now stronger with the experiences that you have recently endured.

Oftentimes women are hesitant because of the financial implications. Fortunately, there are several outlets to assist with the funding for these types of procedures. Whether it is a financing service we offer, or a loan from a bank, you can be sure that there is something available for your specific situation.

So many brave women are fighting cancer in this country, and they deserve the chance to look as beautiful as their spirits are. When you consider opting for a breast reconstruction, you have the chance to make a difference in both the way that you look and the way that you feel.

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