Recovering From a Breast Augmentation

A breast augmentation can enhance your breasts for more volume, better symmetry, and a smoother contour. But before you can enjoy the results of your breast augmentation, you have to go through the recovery process. There are some common concerns that women have about what happens after their breast augmentation procedure.

Pain Management

Pain after a breast augmentation is often one of a woman’s biggest concerns. The amount of pain you experience will depend on your tolerance and the technique used during your procedure. For example, if you have your implant placed under the breast muscle, you might experience more discomfort during recovery. Other women feel very little pain at all! Although you should expect some degree of pain and discomfort during the first few days, this will decrease as you continue to heal. Pain can be managed with medication prescribed by your surgeon and by wearing your compression garment as directed.


With most surgical procedures comes some degree of scarring. During your breast augmentation, your surgeon will do their best to place incisions in discreet locations such as under the breast fold, around the areola, or in the armpit so your scars are as hidden as possible! Although breast augmentation scars are permanent, they will fade over time and your surgeon can provide you with information on how to care for them.

Activity Restrictions

During recovery from a breast augmentation, there will be some restrictions on what you can do. During the first week of recovery, you will want to rest as much as possible and most patients take this time off work. After the first week, you can return to work if your job isn’t overly strenuous. You can perform light activity at this time, but should still avoid lifting, bending and other more strenuous movements. Most women feel comfortable returning to normal daily activity after two weeks of recovery but should avoid exercise for about four weeks. After six weeks, you can return to all normal activity and exercise with no restrictions.

Don’t let your fears about recovery stop you from becoming a happier you! By reading about your concerns and consulting with Dr. Perry, you can feel more comfortable going into your breast augmentation procedure. For more information or to schedule your consultation with Dr. Perry, contact our office today!