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Miami Breast Implants

The breast augmentation is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures performed in the United States today. Many women seek out Miami Breast Implants to enhance the size of their breasts [...]

January 5, 2015

Q: I Am Considering Getting a Brazilian Butt Lift in the Future. How Long Is There No Sitting Post-Op?

I understand why not sitting is important, and i have started to mentally prepare myself to not sit on it for the first month after my surgery to get the best possible results, but how will i use [...]

October 12, 2011

Q: Are There Different Techniques For Brazilian Butt Lift?

Are there different techniques for fat grafting to the buttocks? If so what are they and how are they different? A: Brazilian butt lift and different techniques  Brazilian butt lift is a [...]

October 12, 2011

Q: Why Has It Taken So Long To Receive A Quote Back From Doctors For My BBL?

Im in Las Vegas, Nevada, How come so far on my search for a doctor, its been taking a while for me to receive a quote with out of town doctors, I send my pictures, have a online consultation, and [...]

October 12, 2011

Q: If I Continue to Low Carb Diet and Brisk Walking After a Brazilian Butt Lift, Will It Destroy the Results?

my whr is .79 (33/42), but i am trying to get it to .64-.67. the ratio won’t change b/c of my fatty waist and abs… A: Brazilian butt lift and postoperative exercise Exercise after [...]

October 11, 2011

DLM Internal

June 9, 2000