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Q: I Am Considering Getting a Brazilian Butt Lift in the Future. How Long Is There No Sitting Post-Op?

I understand why not sitting is important, and i have started to mentally prepare myself to not sit on it for the first month after my surgery to get the best possible results, but how will i use [...]

October 12, 2011

Q: Are There Different Techniques For Brazilian Butt Lift?

Are there different techniques for fat grafting to the buttocks? If so what are they and how are they different? A: Brazilian butt lift and different techniques  Brazilian butt lift is a [...]

October 12, 2011

Q: Why Has It Taken So Long To Receive A Quote Back From Doctors For My BBL?

Im in Las Vegas, Nevada, How come so far on my search for a doctor, its been taking a while for me to receive a quote with out of town doctors, I send my pictures, have a online consultation, and [...]

October 12, 2011

Q: If I Continue to Low Carb Diet and Brisk Walking After a Brazilian Butt Lift, Will It Destroy the Results?

my whr is .79 (33/42), but i am trying to get it to .64-.67. the ratio won’t change b/c of my fatty waist and abs… A: Brazilian butt lift and postoperative exercise Exercise after [...]

October 11, 2011

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June 9, 2000