Revision Surgery – Breast

What is Revision Surgery?

Revision surgery is a surgical procedure that is performed after a primary procedure to achieve the desired results. It is often done as an adjustment. Generally speaking, revision surgery is done to fix an issue of scarring, complications from prior surgery, or even simply for aesthetic purposes.

Just like the inital procedure, revision surgery can pose certain risks. Reconstructive breast surgery, for example, can be risky due to the scarring, loss of tissue, and the effects of radiation if it was used as part of the patient’s treatment.

Above all else, it’s always important to meet with a skilled board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Perry who specializes in the procedure you need to be done. It will increase the chances that the results are satisfactory.

Revision of Breast Augmentation Surgery

According to the FDA, 40 to 56 percent of breast augmentation revision surgeries involve making a change to the size of the implants used. There is always a risk of implants rupturing, wrinkling or resulting in an infection or capsular contraction. In some cases, the size or shape of the implants no longer satisfies the patient and they wish for a different type of implant. Revision surgery is essential in such scenarios.

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Revision surgery is never something to take lightly. When considering undergoing revision surgery, you want to go to a board-certified, experienced surgeon who is known for giving great results and care to all patients. If you live in Florida and are interested in having revision surgery for a previous procedure, contact Wendell Perry, MD today to schedule your consultation. He will create your custom treatment plan to give you amazing results.