Male Liposuction Case #6692

Patient Details

This is a patient had liposuction done before by someone else.  He was not happy with his abdomen.  He felt the liposuction was uneven and he did not like the his sixpack. Patient’s previous liposuction took the easy way out by putting openings on the front of the abdomen that you can see when he did that when they did the liposuction of the sixpack.  The patient’s liposuction is uneven with the right flank  being bigger than the left flank, excess fat around the belly button and lack of  definition of the latissimus dorsi.  Patient also had round hips that were feminizing.  So the hips were liposuction to make them flatter and more masculine, the abdomen was liposuction, the sixpack enhanced and the back was liposuction to show off the latissimus dorsi.