Am I a Good Candidate for Breast Reduction Surgery?

Women with a large bust may feel as if their breasts attract too much attention, make them look disproportionate or even cause back and neck pain. No matter why you dislike your large breasts, you don’t have to live with them. If you’re considering breast reduction surgery and are wondering if you’d be a good surgical candidate, there are several factors that weigh into that decision.

Your Overall Health

Surgery presents a set of challenges to your body. You must have good lung function to oxygenate your blood properly, and you need a strong immune system to ward off infection and heal the incisions.

If you have any chronic health issues, you’ll want to ask our board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Perry if cosmetic surgery will be safe for you. If you’re in good health overall, you can likely expect a successful surgery and recovery.

You Don’t Smoke

Even if you’re in good health, smoking cigarettes or marijuana impacts your ability to heal properly and can cause complications. If you smoke, commit to quitting several months before surgery and don’t smoke for several months afterwards. Ideally, you should quit for good.

You Can Take Time Off

If you have very young children or your career demands 80-hour work weeks, now is likely not the time to undergo a breast reduction. Rushing back to work or forcing yourself to pick up a child before your body is ready can make you susceptible to incision problems, fatigue, a lowered immune system and, possibly, an infection.

You will need at least six weeks to recover before you jump back into full-time parenting or work again. If you’re extremely active or an athlete, it could be months before you feel back at your peak performance.

You’re Emotionally Ready for the Change

Making changes to your body can be emotionally upsetting if you’re not completely prepared. You may suddenly be shy during intimacy or not want your partner to see your new look. You may be offended or shocked when acquaintances or coworkers notice the change.

Think about these issues before you consent to surgery. In a perfect world, no one would care what others think, but the reality remains that you need to prepare for these scenarios.

You Have Realistic Expectations

While our surgeon will absolutely make every effort to ensure you’re happy with the results, the human body is not always easy to control. By having reasonable expectations and understanding that not every breast reduction produces a set of completely new and perfect breasts, you can be happier with your choice and the results.

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