Brazilian Butt Lift Experience: Part 2


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Video Transcript:

Okay, today we’re going to do liposuction fat transfer. Our goal with liposuction here in the abdomen is to decrease the thickness of this abdominal pannus, and also start to bring in the waist. You can kind of see the excess here, the thickness is too much. We gotta get this thickness down and even, and then get the skin to contract. Our goal with the fat transfer is to add to the area of the hip there and the hip here on the opposite side, trying to get a smooth curve from the waist to the thigh. So, this is our before, and we’ll show you our picture after.

Our big deal is getting rid of this and getting rid of that; now, you see what her waist really is, so that’s the key of what we’re trying to do.

We’ve finished the liposuction of the abdomen. Our goal is to decrease the amount, you know, the thickness of the pannus, again, trying to get an even thickness throughout the abdomen. If we get the thickness the same, this will be flat and smooth, and then – you know – gain weight, smooth, lose weight, smooth because we’ve left the same amount. It doesn’t really matter what we take out, it’s really just what we leave.

So you see, we bring the waist in, that’s going to be the curves. We’ll finish the waist when we go to the sides, but we see a little six pack, we can see ribs and things, and you can see the hip bones, so we have a nice three-dimensional kind of abdomen, not just a board. Boards look kind of fake. We can see a scoop around the navel, so that’s our goal.