Brazilian Butt Lift Experience: Part 3


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Video Transcript:

Okay, I’m going to do liposuction and fat transfer to the thighs. This person had a trauma, that’s an injury with losses back here, here, loss of fat to the anterior thigh on the left side. So, we’re gonna fat inject the areas where it’s depressed and try to get it even, and then take down and liposuction the area where it’s too thick. But the whole key is just getting the thickness even to kind of look… The difference in the thickness of the injured and the not-injured place, we got to reproduce that and get it back to the same back to the same size. A little bit more difficult, but you can always make it better.


Okay, this one is fat injecting liposuction of thighs. We added area, that’s about 40 cc’s of fat into the area of the scar here. Where there’s the depression, we added some in here, added

here in the depression, liposuction here… Our goal is to add a little bit here. We also had a big discretion in the scar, probably about 600 cc’s of fat into here and get this a little bit smoother. liposuction inner thigh and knee, you know inside the knee and inner thigh, just to get a better tone. So, we’ll try to fix the… we’ll try to use the fat injection from the side, you get the rest

of the areas. But the whole point is just trying to get everything smoother and better than it was, to correct some of these problems from the trauma.