Brazilian Butt Lift Experience: Part 4


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Video Transcript:

Okay, we’re gonna get ready to do liposuction on this side here. The big deal is getting the waist down. This thickness has got to go. Once we bring the waist down in here, we’ll see the curve. Our goal is to gather each one of these pinches the same — shouldn’t have a pinch twice as big another one, but everything should be even and smooth. Second thing is that this is going to contract; this all has to go. It’s going to bring down the arm to get some of this thickness down. That’s what we’ll do. We’ll show you pictures afterwards.


Okay, completed the liposuction. The idea is to get the concentration from the back and the waist the same. You see we’ve thinned the high concentration in the waist — this is what lets the curve show when we bring this in. So, you see we get a pinch to be similar throughout the back, to similar thickness. That’s our goal. Brought the arm down and also got that even, an even concentration. Everything’s even, everything will stay smooth. If the contour stays the same —  you gain weight it’s going to move the same and … if you gain weight it’s going to move the same, you lose weight, same thing. We will say you only do one and not the other, gain weight together, no disconnect. So that’s the idea, get the nice smooth curve everything smooth and natural.