Brazilian Butt Lift Patient Journey


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Video Transcript:

I decided years ago on dr. Perry, but then I had some family issues and now I’m here. But Dr. Perry is the best, especially in America, Dr. Perry is the best.

Okay so today’s post-op day four for me. I’m feeling great right now. I woke up feeling kind of drowsy, I’ve been up all night, I pee like every hour. I continuously, every time I get up to pee I take a walk around the house and then I drink more water, up a whole bottle of water and pineapple juice. 

And I came into Dr. Perry’s office today. Today I had my massage and it was painful, it was really painful. But as soon as she finished I felt better, like I was just tired ready to take a nap. Came in here with Dr. Perry, he checked me out. He took my tape off, I have no tape one right now. I’m feeling good. I don’t feel tired anymore, I feel good. Dr. Perry said I look really good. My swelling has gone down, and I must say that it’s the pineapple juice and getting up to walk cause I don’t feel, I don’t feel in pain I just I feel so comfortable right now. 

I could say that first day, make sure you get up. You are going to be in pain. It’s painful, that’s just the truth. But that first day get up and walk, push yourself. I had my cousin here, she is like a drill sergeant. She had me up every hour on the hour. If I had to pee I would go pee. She wouldn’t help me off the bed. I’ll be using my elbows, get up back, if you can get off the bed take a walk. But I continuously walked five times back and forth every single hour, and I drank pineapple juice the first day. Every single hour I drank pineapple juice. But you, I don’t know about anybody else but this pain for me was hard the first day. But after that I was fine, like after a few hours it just kept getting better and better and better, and you’re gonna be winded and tired, but you just have to push through. Unless you push through the first two days, you’re good.

Um, definitely research, research, research real self but not only real self, YouTube. YouTube is like a big, big, big part of my, was a big, big part of my research. I was fully prepared for everything as far as having a urinal and having chucks and everything. But definitely do your research, make sure you don’t just look at somebody and be like “their body’s bomb”. Look at every single review, like even if you’re feeling like.

Uh, the pain I would say it wasn’t, it was bad but it wasn’t that bad. But I would say the constants, um, I don’t like to take medicine, pain medicine, so I came in prepared not to take my pain medicine, but I did have Dr. Perry prescribed me Motrin 800, and I take them as needed. Um, I was saying you’re tired and winded all the time. I did not know, like I knew but it’s, you can’t describe. 

Dr. Perry: “So what do you have to do to get the energy back?”

You have to eat every two hours and make sure you drink pineapple juice and drink water every hour. Get a urinal. Get a urinal,  get a urinal. Get, you know, I can’t, get like that’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me. Like just wake up on the side of the bed, I know it sounds nasty, but you’re gonna need it. Urinal, more Chuck’s than you could probably think of. I would buy Chuck’s if you’re coming from out of town. I would get more Chuck’s when you get here, soon as you get here. Um, I would say make sure that, I know they say have a caregiver three days, I would have a caregiver as long as I can. Really, cause this, it’s hard when you’re by yourself and you gotta worry about food, you gotta worry about all these other things, plus you’re winded you’re tired. So I would have a caregiver as long as I can. But make sure that you drink plenty of water, for real. Drink plenty of water, drink pineapple juice, and choose Dr. Perry. He’s the best, he really is.