Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure


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Video Transcript:

Getting ready to do a fat transfer of the buttocks. The patient has indentations in the hips here. We’re going to try to fill that indentation. We’ll try to get a smooth curve between the waist and the hips. That’s present on both sides, maybe the left side is a little bit more indented than the right and the buttocks is too flat. Gotta gotta create, you know, some arch to the buttocks and give a nice three-dimensional shape. So we’re gonna give a projection through the buttocks and then smooth out the hips. Everything is going to be one smooth curve. We’re trying to get another middle portion of the buttocks to have the highest projection, to get a natural, natural curved figure. 

All right, we’ve finished the fat transfer. What we’ve done is added to the hip, the indentation in the hip, add to the hip to fill that and give it more projection. I’ve tried to take the buttocks from a flat plane to more of a curved plane. Try to build up the medial portion of the buttocks to create a better shape of the buttocks. We’ve added, we’ve added to make the top of the curve here, we’ve added a fullness here. We add at the waist, and then more projection. 

So, I think we’ve made a change from what we have, from what we started with. And we’ll look for, you know, the healing and you know, and the smooth and the healing, to get even better shape of the buttocks. But we’ve kind of, you know, done our big, our big achievement was adding those hips. We use about 2200 cc’s of fat, we’ll probably use at least 500 CC’s of fat into the hips just to, just to fill the indentations. So, this is the conclusion of the procedure.