Breast Lift Procedure


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Video Transcript:

Okay, so today we’re going to do a breast lift or mastopexy. And the goal of the breast lift or mastopexy is to correct the weak ligaments and the stretched skin that’s allowed the breast to be too low. When the breast is low, the supporting ligaments have stretched. And the skin is stretched. So what we’re gonna do is make an incision like an upside-down V just to do a short scar breast reduction. And from the inside, we’re gonna support the breast tissue to the chest wall. So, we’re gonna use a suture from here to here to hold the breast tissue up. That’s gonna do our lift. And then we’re gonna tighten the skin below. And that’ll be our idea of the breast lift. So, this is what we’re doing for the breast lift using sutures to compensate for the weak ligaments and resecting skin to compensate for the excess skin. And our goal is to get a look like this and to move the breast tissue from here back to the chest. So, we’re gonna try to bring the breast tissue back up here by supporting from the inside like this.

What we’ve done is we have moved the breast tissue that was low and moved it up. And we secured the breast tissue to give the upper pull fullness. We’ve done a short scar, which is a scar around the nipple and a vertical scar. We did not do a horizontal scar. I think the advantage of a vertical scar is it makes a more projecting breast and makes a better side of the chest by pulling in and a better inframammary fold. So, this is our look. I think we got a pretty good similarity between the two breasts. And we created the cleavage instead of having the breast low. So, taking the skin away compensated for stretching of the skin. And our sutures on the inside compensated for the weak ligaments by holding the breast tissue to the chest wall. By using those sutures to hold the tissue chest wall, we should have longevity. We want this to stay lifted for 10 years, 15 years and be the last surgery she ever does.