Fat Transfer to the Breast Procedure


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Video Transcript:

We’ve just finished doing the fat transfer to the breast on the right side. We have put in fat into the subcutaneous space, around the breast, and then filled the upper, outer quadrant.

There’s always a depression in here, so we’re trying to fill that depression to give a nice, smooth slope to the breast. And then we’ve filled in all four quadrants, you know, in order to give a more natural breast. Then to the fat transfer, so that it looks natural.

The other part, the advantage is the fat lasts forever. Fat doesn’t go away. It lasts forever. It’s not like an implant that you have to exchange in 10 years. So this is the idea of the advantage of the fat transfer.

So I think it’s a natural-appearing augmentation. You can’t make a terribly big breast. You can’t make it much bigger, but you can make a more natural-appearing breast, a more youthful looking breast. That’s an example of fat transfer on the right side, and we’re gonna get ready to start the fat transfer on the left side.

Thank you.