5 Tips I Wish I Knew Before My Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is perhaps the most popular type of cosmetic surgery. If you are dissatisfied with the look or feel of your natural breasts, this may be the right approach for you. However, with all cosmetic procedures, there are certain things you have to know before you take that big step to have the surgery. Dr. Wendell Perry wants all of his patients to be prepared for their treatment. Here are five tips you should know before getting a breast augmentation.

Have Realistic Expectations

Although you might have an ideal thought in your head about how you want your breasts to look after breast augmentation, these could be unrealistic. While you should certainly bring in some photos to the doctor’s office during your initial consultation of your ideal look, you must talk with Dr. Perry to get a better understanding of what’s realistic and what to expect. Dr. Perry will perform a full evaluation to determine what type of breast implant is best suited for you.

CC Size is Not the Same as Cup Size

Implants are measured in cubic centimeters. CC sizes look different in every individual woman. This means that even if you have a specific CC size in mind for your new breasts, it might not match what you think. One woman may get a DD cup with 400 CCs, but you might end up getting a C cup with that same CC size. Dr. Perry can help to recommend the right size implant for your goals. 

Be Ready to Take Time Off

When you have breast augmentation surgery done, you will need to take time off for rest and recovery. Remember, this is major surgery, so you will not be able to return to work the same day. You won’t even be able to perform many of the everyday tasks for a few weeks. Dr. Perry will provide you with a full list of recovery instructions to make sure you are prepared. 

Your Body Will Change Weekly

It’s important to know that after breast augmentation, your body will change every week. Avoid buying any expensive bras initially as you adjust to your new size. It can take several months before your new, larger breasts finally settle into their normal position. After that, you will be able to go bra shopping and will love the results.

This Surgery Can Be Emotional.

You should make sure you are mentally prepared to undergo this surgery. Breast augmentation is a big change. One moment, you may love them, but the next, you might question your decision. Sometimes you may look in the mirror and think they’re too big or too small. This is part of the process as the breasts settle and you get used to your new look. 

Request a Consultation

It’s always important to know what to expect going into any type of cosmetic surgery procedure. If you are in theAlexandria – Woodbridge, Virginia & Rockville, Maryland area and are interested in getting a breast augmentation, contact Wendell Perry, M.D. to schedule an initial consultation.