Alleviate Back Pain with a Breast Reduction

Your back is killing you. Worse yet, it’s not only your back. You always have a stiff neck and sore shoulders. When you try to figure out why you’re in so much pain, you don’t understand it. You didn’t get hurt. You didn’t strain yourself in any way.

Take a good look in the mirror. If you have large breasts, your bust size could be a big part of your problem. You’re carrying a lot of extra weight on your chest. It could be anywhere between ten and twenty pounds of fat and tissue that have accumulated in your breasts, pulling your upper body down. No matter what you do to support your breasts, pain can be your constant companion. It’s time to do something about it. Take charge with a breast reduction.

Why Choose a Breast Reduction?

If you are a woman with excessively large breasts, especially if your breasts are not in proportion with the rest of your body, it can be a hard burden to bear. There’s no reason that you should live in pain and discomfort every day. A breast reduction can trim your breasts down to a size that is more appropriate for your body. Most important of all, it can take that extra weight off of your shoulders, neck and back to finally give you the relief that you deserve. If you have been living on pain pills, you know how frustrating that can be. You’re only masking the problem. Get to the source of the problem and find a solution with a breast reduction.

What Should You Expect During Breast Reduction Surgery?

The first step is to make an appointment with our plastic surgeon to discuss your problem. Our surgeon will perform a physical examination to evaluate your breast size. You’ll also be asked to describe your symptoms. From that point, our plastic surgeon will discuss your goals and figure out what size your breasts should be to make you more comfortable.

During a typical procedure, our surgeon removes excess skin, tissue and fat. In the end, your breasts will be much easier to bear. Not only will your back pain and other discomfort end, but you will also have an improved self-image when your breasts match the size of your body.

Talk to Our Plastic Surgeon About a Breast Reduction

Stop accepting your back pain and talk to Dr. Wendell Perry, MD in Miramar, FL. Come in for a consultation and tell him exactly how it feels to have your breasts dragging you down day after day. You don’t have to put up with the pain that comes with breasts that are simply too large. With the help of Dr. Perry, you can reduce the size of your breasts so that you are more comfortable and confident. Our office proudly serves theAlexandria – Woodbridge, VA & Rockville, MD area. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.