Common Causes of Lost Facial Volume

Society puts a lot of pressure on men and women to look young. For this reason, on any given day, you could go to thousands of gyms across the United States and see millions of people exerting themselves to stay in shape. There reaches a time when a person will need to choose between having a fit body and a younger-looking face. Why? Well, to stay in good shape, one must count calories, exercise and lift weights. All of these things burn the fat off our body. The thing is, when we lose weight, the first place the weight disappears from is our face.

The interesting thing is that it is the fat on our face that gives us a young, vibrant appearance. When we lose facial volume, our face starts to become gaunt, and we start to develop wrinkles and lines. One of the other frustrating things about lost facial volume is that it can make you look like you’re angry all the time.

The decision to choose between having the body of an athlete or the face of a younger individual is one that many individuals, but especially many women in their late thirties to early forties, have to fight with every day.

When a person has a low body mass index, their face does not have the fat it needs to hide lines and wrinkles. Usually, the pads of fat underneath the eyes are the first to go away. Then the fat underneath the cheek and above the mouth goes away.

The tricky thing is that at the same time that a person loses facial fat, gravity is also pulling down on their skin. But since their skin does not have the same amount of elastin and collagen fibers that it did when they were younger, it cannot resist the pull of gravity in the same way.

The human face needs to have fullness to maintain a youthful appearance. For this reason, many individuals have opted to have a fat transfer on their face to restore lost facial volume. Transferring fat from one area of the body into the face can help a person to round out their face, add volume to their face and maintain their youthful appearance regardless of their exercise and diet routine.

When we are younger, being thinner may make us look younger than a heavier counterpart. However, as we age, the thinner we are, the older we look. Research has shown that lost facial volume has less to do with our genes and has more to do with lifestyle choices. If you are in the habit of going on yo-yo diets, you can expect to lose facial volume sooner. The same is true for individuals who smoke, have a lot of sun exposure or abuse illicit drugs.

Losing facial volume can be a challenge. It affects our appearance, and it can affect our self-esteem. Thankfully, a fat transfer procedure is available for individuals who are suffering from a loss of facial volume. This simple procedure will help them restore their facial fullness and give them the confidence they need to succeed in life.

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