Determining If You Are A Good Candidate For A Tummy Tuck

What is a Tummy Tuck?

A tummy tuck is a cosmetic surgery that removes excess skin and fat from the stomach area and tightens the abdominal wall muscles. It can be an effective way to improve the appearance of the stomach after weight loss or pregnancy. If you think you may be interested in a tummy tuck, it’s best to consult a board-certified plastic surgeon to discuss your candidacy. Below are key factors that can help decide whether or not you are a suitable candidate for a tummy tuck with Dr. Wendell Perry.

1. Age

A tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, is a popular cosmetic surgery procedure that can create a flatter, firmer stomach. But it’s not for everyone. Although the tummy tuck can be performed at any adult age, age is still an important factor.

Most surgeons agree that the ideal age for a tummy tuck is between 35 and 50. This is because, by this age, many people have finished having children, and their skin has started to lose some of its elasticity. However, there are some exceptions. You may still be a suitable candidate for the surgery if you are younger than 35 and have loose skin due to weight loss or pregnancy.

2. Weight

Your weight is another critical factor in determining whether you are suitable for a tummy tuck. If you are significantly overweight, then it is likely that you will not be a suitable candidate for this type of surgery. Excess weight can put too much pressure on the stomach, leading to complications during surgery. If you are overweight, you may have additional weight to lose, meaning your results may be impacted in the future. You should ensure you are at a healthy and stable weight before opting for tummy tuck.

3. Pregnancy

If you are currently pregnant or think there is a chance you may become pregnant in the future, it is best to wait to get a tummy tuck. This is because pregnancy can cause the abdomen to change in size and shape, potentially undoing any results from a tummy tuck. If you are pregnant or trying to get pregnant, it is best to wait until after your pregnancy to consider the procedure. Tummy tuck will not prevent you from becoming pregnant later on, so you should take steps to prevent future pregnancies after your procedure.


A tummy tuck can be a great way to get your desired body if you are a suitable candidate. To meet with Dr. Perry and learn more about the tummy tuck, we invite you to contact ourAlexandria – Woodbridge, VA & Rockville, MD Lakes, FL office by calling or filling out our online form.