Get Your Ideal Body Proportions with the Brazilian Butt Lift

For women, a coveted physical feature is a full backside. Unfortunately, most women aren’t born with this desirable feature. If this describes your situation, you should consider getting the Brazilian butt lift. The procedure is capable of enhancing the fullness, shape and size of your butt, and since the results look completely natural, you don’t have to feel like you’re hiding something.

The Brazilian butt lift is effective because it harnesses your own fat cells and uses them to improve your appearance. Unlike implants, fat cells provide a natural appearance. If you’d like a fuller backside, then this procedure is worth considering. It has the ability to balance your proportions and improve your overall appearance.

How the Brazilian Butt Lift Works

This treatment option involves the removal of fat from certain parts of your body. Once the fat has been extracted and purified, it’s used to increase fullness in your backside. One of the major benefits of this treatment option is the removal of fat from stubborn fat pockets.

The first step of the procedure is the extraction of fat. After we’ve done this, the fat must be processed and purified. When we’re finished processing the fat, it will be skillfully injected into your buttocks, which provides the enhancements you’re looking for. After the procedure is finished, you’ll need to follow our post-op guidelines.

Who is a Candidate for the Procedure?

If you are in good overall health and wish to change the appearance of your buttocks, then you could be an ideal candidate for the Brazilian butt lift. An ideal candidate should want to obtain a rounder appearance, added volume or a smaller waist.

The Brazilian butt lift is great for enhancing the appearance of your backside, but it’s also useful for removing fat from stubborn areas. It’s a great treatment option for patients who wish to obtain a lifted appearance for their buttocks.

The Advantages

Before this procedure was created, implants were the only options for patients who wanted to enhance their backside. There is nothing wrong with implants, but the Brazilian butt lift has several advantages to offer.

The procedure is less invasive than other treatment options. Since the Brazilian butt lift uses fat from your own body, it can be effective for removing unwanted fat deposits.

Another advantage is minimal scarring. The procedure will leave you with rounder, lifted buttocks. The results look natural, and the recovery time is minimal.

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If you’re unhappy with the appearance of your buttocks, then the Brazilian butt lift could be the procedure you’ve been looking for. The ideal proportions that you’ve always wanted are just one procedure away. Visit the office of Wendell Perry, MD in Miramar, FL to see if this procedure is right for you. We happily serve theAlexandria – Woodbridge, VA & Rockville, MD area. Contact us today to request a consultation for the Brazilian butt lift.