Get a Toned, Tight Abdomen with a Tummy Tuck

While enthusiastic celebrities trumpet the virtues of an ab-crunching machine or a miracle protein shake on late-night television, the truth is that no amount of diet and exercise can whittle away loose skin.

Loose skin after pregnancy or weight loss may not be an issue for some people and be terrible for others. This is largely genetic.

If you can feel your abs and are left with sagging skin on your stomach, a tummy tuck can give you the flat, tight midsection you want.

What a Tummy Tuck Can Accomplish

As with any cosmetic surgery, it’s important you form realistic expectations about the results. A tummy tuck, sometimes called an abdominoplasty, can tighten the skin of your midsection, removing stretch marks, puckers and wrinkled skin.

By itself, a tummy tuck may not address stubborn fat deposits. You may need liposuction to handle fat that’s resistant to diet and exercise. Check with the surgeon to see if you can have lipo and a tummy tuck done during the same procedure.

The Surgical Procedure

Tummy tucks are done while the patient is under general anesthesia. This means you’ll be asleep and won’t feel anything. The surgeon will make incisions at the designated locations. The excess belly skin is trimmed away and the incision is closed. Procedure time may vary.

The Ideal Candidate

Ideally, you want to be right around your goal weight before seeking surgery. You certainly don’t want to have a tummy tuck and lose even more weight, as this will likely leave you with loose skin once again.

If you’re struggling to lose your last bit of fat on your abdomen, you may want to consult the doctor for options. You should also be as healthy as possible to enable your body to heal up properly.

If you smoke, you’ll need to quit to ensure proper healing. If you’re female, you likely want to wait until you are done having children to have a tummy tuck, as subsequent pregnancies can undo the surgical results.

Schedule Your Consultation Appointment

If you’ve dieted and exercised yourself into a new body or given birth but now have unsightly loose skin, a tummy tuck can give you the tight, flat midsection you want.

If you’d like to explore your surgical options, contact the office of Dr. Wendell Perry today to schedule a no-pressure consultation. We’d be happy to review your case and assess your candidacy for an abdominoplasty.