Am I a Good Candidate for Breast Augmentation?

With breast augmentation, women can achieve significant increases in breast volume while addressing problems like moderate sagging and uneven or asymmetrical breasts. These treatments entail the use of silicone or saline implants to fill out small, deflated breasts or to replace lost breast tissue after a mastectomy. While you might be eager to experience the benefits that breast augmentation can provide, it’s first important to determine whether or not this procedure is right for you.

Understanding the Difference Between Augmentation and a Breast Lift

Breast augmentation is designed to increase or enhance breast volume through the use of implants. While added volume can certainly provide extra lift for the breasts, it will not produce dramatic changes for women with lots of loose, sagging skin in this area. When the breast hangs very low over the natural skin fold, a breast lift is often recommended.

Breast enhancement or augmentation is often the perfect solution for women who’ve experienced a marked decrease in breast volume or unpleasant changes in overall breast shape post-pregnancy, after significant weight loss or after breastfeeding.

Many women also opt to get augmentative procedures when their breasts are naturally small and when there is great difficulty in finding clothing or undergarments that fit. This is a great way to get a more proportionate physique and restore symmetry when one breast is larger or smaller than the other.

General Health Requirements for Breast Augmentation

Given that breast augmentation is a surgical procedure, the best patients for this treatment are in good general health and are no longer pregnant, breastfeeding or receiving cancer treatments. It is also recommended for patients to have reached their goal weights. Extreme weight gain or weight loss following an augmentative treatment could negatively affect the results. However, each patient is considered on a case by case basis.

Important Factors to Consider

This procedure is a long-term way to correct aesthetic issues in breast shape, size, and location. It’s important to note that implants will need to be monitored on an ongoing basis. Moreover, most implants will need to be replaced at some point in time. Thus, candidates should have both realistic expectations for their treatment outcomes and a willingness to practice the necessary maintenance. Implants can last between one and two decades with no complications.

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