How to Maximize Your Results from a Brazilian Butt Lift

The number of individuals wanting to have a Brazilian butt lift is increasing. There was recently an increase of over 18 percent in the number of people having the procedure. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), more than 19,000 Brazilian butt lift procedures were done in a single year.

Benefits of a Brazilian Butt Lift

A benefit associated with getting a Brazilian butt lift is how it uses a person’s own body fat. It can successfully provide a person with a fuller and rounder behind. This is done without using any ongoing injections or implants.

BBL Considerations and Preparation

Anyone who is considering getting a Brazilian butt lift should know there are some things they need to keep in mind. A surgeon will do all the difficult things associated with the procedure. A patient will need to also do their part to obtain the best results. These are things designed to help a person prepare for the surgery and have a successful recovery period.

Those who want to prepare for their Brazilian butt lift should know it is not too different from getting ready for other plastic surgeries. Someone getting this procedure should do what they can to help make certain their body is as healthy as possible prior to having it.


If a person smokes or uses some type of tobacco product, a surgeon will advise them to stop a minimum of a few weeks prior to having the procedure. Tobacco products contain nicotine and other ingredients that could harm a person’s ability to recuperate after they have the surgery. Should someone continue to use tobacco before having the surgery, they may not get the best possible results. Tobacco products make it more difficult for fat to establish itself in a new part of a person’s body if there is nicotine present.


A person should work on having a good diet in the weeks before having Brazilian butt lift surgery. When people eat a balanced diet, it will help them with recovering more quickly when the surgery is over.


After having the Brazilian butt surgery, a person will need to stop sitting during their initial recovery period. This is a change that can be a bit of a challenge. A person can still lie down on their side or stomach when relaxing or sleeping. It is also possible to get a cushion that has been specifically designed for individuals recovering from butt lift surgery. A surgeon can provide information on getting such a cushion.

Compression Garment

Another thing people must keep in mind about recuperating is they will probably have to wear a compression garment. This is going to help the area of their body that has been liposuctioned to regain its shape. It will probably also help the affected area heal faster. Individuals can expect to wear a compression garment for weeks after they have the surgery.

Schedule a Consultation

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