How to Prepare for a Liposuction Consultation

Liposuction is a popular way to rid your body of unwanted fat. It is known as one of the most-often performed plastic surgeries in the United States. With a minimally invasive procedure, liposuction provides permanent results in nearly any problem area. If you are interested in having liposuction, the first step is scheduling a consultation. Going in for a consultation will help to ensure that you are a candidate for this procedure and that you can achieve the results that you want with liposuction.

Preparing for the Consultation

When you go in for a liposuction consultation, you will be asked about your body contouring needs and describe your ideal result. Dr. Perry will then examine the specific areas to ensure that liposuction will work well for treating them. Make sure you are thorough in asking all the questions you have about liposuction, as well as make your ideal results as specific as possible. Having clear communications with your plastic surgeon is imperative for a successful session.

Dr. Perry will check on your past health history to ensure that you do not have any serious medical issues that would disqualify you from liposuction. He will also look at whether or not you have had any past surgeries and see how you recovered from those. Dr. Perry will also want to know about all the medications that you are on, including pharmaceutical and herbal medications.

It is important that if you have a history of drug use, smoking, or drinking that you are upfront with your surgeon. These details will help to make sure that you get the best results without any issues. For example, if you have been using drugs, their effects can interfere with the anesthesia, which may cause serious complications. Being upfront with your doctor is imperative for a successful and safe liposuction procedure.

Asking Questions

When you go for your consultation, you should come prepared with a list of questions that you want to ask Dr. Perry. The questions should be about things like the procedure itself, what to expect during recovery, and whether there may be other procedures that would better serve your needs and goals. Asking about the recovery can help you to prepare leading up to the procedure and what you should have at home to make your recovery easier. For example, if you are planning to have several areas of liposuction done, it might be a good idea to have someone help you around the house for a few days.

Knowing Medical Terms

You should familiarize yourself with some of the terms that surround liposuction. Things like IV sedation, local anesthesia, cannula, and ultrasound or other assisted liposuction techniques should all be researched ahead of time. Being familiar with these terms can help you to lessen any fears when it comes to the day of the procedure. Being inundated with unfamiliar terms can make you nervous during the consultation and cause you to second-guess the procedure.

Schedule a Liposuction Consultation Today

If you are interested in getting liposuction, the first step of having a consultation with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Wendell Perry may be intimidating. Dr. Perry works to ensure every consultation is calm, relaxed, and informative to help all his patients receive the correct treatment for their unique needs. Find out if you’re a good candidate for liposuction by scheduling a consultation over the phone at 954.997.6464 or using our online contact form.