Is Breast Implant Reduction Right for Me? Things to Consider Before Your Consultation

Cosmetic surgery has brought tremendous innovations in the ability to change body shapes as desired, whether you are interested in a facelift, Brazilian butt lift, breast augmentation or a breast reduction. Breast augmentation year after year has been one of the top surgical treatments to enhance breast size. However, many women now acknowledge the disadvantages of bigger breasts and implants, as they potentially cause backaches, discomfort, and other health issues.

Present day, most women now consider healthy breasts the new ideal whatever size they may be, rather believing the bigger is always better.

The Basics

  • The main advantage of breast implant reduction is that the incision used for the previous surgery can be employed for the new surgery.
  • In order to reduce the size of the pocket surgically, sutures might be required for the substitution and adjustment of smaller implants.
  • As larger implants are replaced with the smaller implants, the skin is often not able to adjust on its own to the new decreased size. In this situation, most board-certified plastic surgeons suggest performing mastopexy or breast lift along with a reduction.

Your Consultation

Before having your consultation, it’s important that you think about breast reduction options if you are having trouble with larger breast implants. Taking time to educate yourself about your options will help you to come up with questions for your consultation.

At Wendell Perry MD, he will take the time necessary to consult with you regarding any questions or concerns you may have. When making recommendations, he will always consider your health history and past procedures to ensure your safety and best possible result.