Liposuction – It’s About the Skin Contracting – Transcribed Video

Skin contraction is just as important as removing fat when you do a liposuction. If you do superficial liposuction correctly, the skin will contract. Not a question of if, it’s a question of how much.

I think there are three things that probably have to do with the skin contracting. One thing is that when you do liposuction, you create a network in the areas where you remove the fat. So if you liposuction something too much as thick, as it heals, it will scar down into a quarter inch think.

So an example of that is here. Her muscles are here. The abdominal wall is here. So this is maybe three, four inches away. As it scars, the skin will pull it back toward the muscle. And you see here, now the muscle is here and the skin is here. So this is a tremendous amount of skin contraction and I think that’s probably the main thing that’s driving that skin contraction.

The second thing I think is probably doing that is actually injuring the skin. When you do the liposuction, you rub the cannula underneath the skin. You are injuring the skin, and when you injure something, you lay down collagen .If you ever had a scar, you feel that skin. It’s always thicker and harder than the normal skin next to it. That’s because of the extra collagen is laid down. So I think that’s also happening.

The last thing is probably magic stem cells. When you shake up fat, you release stem cells. Fat has a lot of stem cells and you’re probably bathing the skin with stem cells and that’s probably has something to do with getting the skin to contract although nobody really knows.

Now, the point is this result from here to here is about removing the fat cells but it’s really about the skin contracting. If the skin was a loose bag after you remove these cells, this result would be horrible. But because the skin contracts from this to this, form that to that, that is a key to really a good liposuction.

The skin contraction is just as important as removing the fat. Let’s look at some examples. And every example we see, the skin afterwards will be tighter than the skin before. A before and after of this lady who have liposuction done before as least by somebody else. Without doing the liposuction correctly, the skin did not contract. When doing the liposuction correctly, the skin contracts. We go from this to this. This skin is tighter than before.

The back, this is the big deal. But this skin again is tighter than that skin.

Stretch marks. But the skin can still contract. She is a very curvy person but it’s all hidden by this, by skin and fat. Remove the fat and get that skin to contract, we see this little tiny waist. Look at the skin at the back. Look at the skin after. Look at the skin in the stomach. Look at the skin after. This skin is much tighter than this. Without the skin contracting, this skin still looks like this, that would be a useless liposuction. The skin contracting is probably as important or maybe even more important than removing fat.

Look at the skin here. Look how it’s tighter there. It’s the skin contracting.

Thin person, still even this person looks muscular. This one not as much muscular.

This back, the skin is tighter than that.

Another example. Look at the skin contracting. It doesn’t always have to be a tummy tuck. The skin can contract.

The back is tighter than it was before.

This skin is tighter than that. The back is tighter afterwards than before. When that skin contracts, it gives you that tiny. Look at the volume of skin here compared to the volume of skin there.

Look how tight the skin is, how loose the skin is here hanging over the bra. Tighter afterwards. It’s the skin contracting. That’s the big deal.

Really the skin tone always shrinks. Look at this little body that’s hidden inside here. Look at the length of that line. Look at the length of this line. This line is 20% shorter. It’s about the skin contracting.

Look at the back. The skin is tight.

This is a thin person. The skin is still tighter.

Again, the skin is tighter.

Making the small back but that skin shrinks to the back.

This skin is tighter than before. The back tighter than before. Wrinkles, no wrinkles.

Look at the skin on the back. Much improved.

Key. Look at the skin of the abdomen. Much tighter afterwards. You find this little body. The skin contracts like a glove. Now, you see the results.

The back, taking down the back. They key, taking down the back and get that skin to contract. It’s the skin.

Again, the same picture. This is really skin contracting.

This back contracted? Maybe not a 100% but it did contract 95%. This surgery is about eh skin contracting.

Good skin, not a big issue.

Adding fat here was a big deal for her.

Look at the skin after. Look at it before. It’s tighter after than before.

Look at the wrinkles on the back. Look how much less. This is only a week. It’s about the skin contracting.

Liposuction is about removing fat but the most important thing is the skin contracting.

Thank you very much for your support.