Look and Feel Years Younger with a Facelift

Also referred to as a rhytidectomy, a facelift is a cosmetic procedure that helps patients look and feel years younger. This treatment can be combined with any number of other surgeries to turn back time and remove the signs of aging. If you have recently noticed fine lines, excess skin, and wrinkles on the lower half of your face, then you might be an ideal candidate for this popular surgical option.

A Traditional Facelift

We can take quite a few preventative steps to slow the signs of aging, but practically everyone is going to notice cosmetic issues with their face at some point.

As we grow older, our bodies will slowly begin to less elastin and collagen. These two proteins help our skin remain toned, and issues such as sun damage will quickly become apparent when they are no longer being replenished.

A facelift can be carried out to tighten the skin around one’s mouth, nose, cheeks, and jaw.

While every case is slightly different, the average facelift begins with the patient being put under with a general anesthetic before incisions are made near their hairline around their ears.

Excess skin is then removed on the lower third of the face and the remaining skin is pulled up. Once this has been completed, the incisions are then sutured or stapled.

After a day or two, the tubes are then removed and bandages are wrapped around the incisions.

Finding the Ideal Candidate

Practically any patient that is unhappy with the appearance of their face will be an eligible candidate for a facelift. Many other forms of cosmetic surgery such as tummy tucks do require extensive lifestyle changes, but modern technology allows us to carry out facelifts with amazing results and very few risks.

The facelift process always begins with an initial consultation so that the surgeon can get an idea about your medical history and expectations. We can then help you come up with a personalized treatment plan that will give you a youthful and natural appearance.

Prepping for Your Facelift

Just as with all other surgeries, planning ahead will ensure that you recover as quickly as possible and enjoy amazing results for years.

The surgeon will provide you with some tips that you can use to reduce the risk of complications such as steering clear of alcohol, painkillers, and tobacco products in the weeks leading up to your surgery. Having any of these just before your procedure could affect the anesthetics and increase complications.

Depending on the patient, most facelifts will produce amazing results for five years or longer. If you have recently begun to notice loose skin along the lower half of your face, we can help you once again feel confident in your appearance with a safe and effective facelift. Contact the office of Dr. Wendell Perry today to schedule your appointment.