Q&A with Dr. Perry: How FLAT can you get my tummy with liposuction only?


Dr. Perry,

We had a consult on March 24th at your office. I was flying back home to Tennessee the next day. I’ve put down a deposit for a tummy tuck procedure scheduled June 03, 2016. I am torn between your suggestion, liposuction with fat transfer vs the tummy tuck. I want a flat tummy but having a more curvaceous body wouldn’t be too bad of a deal either. So, with the lipo/fat transfer I’m concerned about the upper abdomen overhang and my tummy being soft and squishy. I have a personal trainer that I work out with, so I am and will continue to exercise. I don’t want to be curvy with a muffin top. So, how FLAT can you get my tummy with liposuction only? I’m attaching some photos….

Are there any supplements that I should be taking in preparation for June surgery?


I think you’re the kind of patient has an option. If a curvy figure is more important to you than a flat stomach do the liposuction. If a flat stomach is more important to you then curves do the tummy tuck. There is no doubt that a tummy tuck will make your stomach flatter than liposuction. But the liposuction will have you looking better in a dress than the tummy tuck. the best thing to do is to look at my website under before-and-after pictures for Brazilian but lift. Look at case numbers 3548, 3319, and 3523. These pictures can give you an idea of what the skin may look like after the liposuction. It does not look as good as a tummy tuck but they sure are curvy. You have to decide what’s important to you. I’m biased because I think a curvy woman is the most beautiful thing around.

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