Reasons a Patient May Choose Breast Surgery

Breast surgeries include breast augmentation, breast lift, breast reduction and more to address specific concerns like inverted nipples or uneven breasts. Most women undergo these surgeries to improve the cosmetic contours of the body, whereas some women have medical reasons to undergo these surgeries.

Tuberous Breasts

Tuberous breasts are a common congenital abnormality in which the breasts are not fully developed. Patients suffer from major asymmetry of shape and size for which both breast augmentation and mastopexy be required. Improving symmetry, enhancing the size, refining shape and rectifying any ptosis of the breasts are the major goals with tuberous breast surgery; often helping to boost the confidence of patients.

Inverted Nipple

Some patients possess inverted nipples which may be concerning for women regarding breastfeeding or for cosmetic reasons. Inversion of the nipples without affecting the ability to feel sensation or breastfeed is a major goal in treating this condition.

Uneven Breasts

Most women face uneven breasts after breastfeeding and to remedy this, some may choose to undergo breast surgery. Breast implants or fat transfer would be added to the breasts to an improved symmetry and overall balance.

Size Issues

Many women have issues with the size of their breasts, with some wanting a larger cup size and others longing for smaller cup size. Previously, most women desired larger breasts, but now the trend is shifting towards restoring lost fullness. Some with smaller breasts consider breast augmentation as the best option to increase their breast size and confidence.

Surgery and Shaping

Women with uneven breasts might be conflicted about the options of either reducing the size of the larger breast or increasing the size of the smaller breast. Options in these instances would be a fat transfer, breast augmentation or breast reduction.

Recovery Time

Recovery time is different for every patient and surgery. For example, an inverted nipple surgery requires local anesthesia and no recovery time is required. However, for breast augmentation in which the implants are placed beneath the breast muscle requires general anesthesia along with one-week of downtime and another week of recovery time. Patients, in general, need almost 3 months to recover completely from breast augmentation, breast lift, and reduction.