Reasons to Consider Breast Reconstruction

The will and determination of breast cancer survivors is a thing of legend. There are countless stories of brave women who have endured the ravages of cancer and who are leading productive and meaningful lives.

Unfortunately, just because a person survives breast cancer does not mean that all of their difficult decisions are over. As part of breast cancer treatment, it is necessary for some women to undergo surgery to have one or both breasts removed. It is understandable that a surgery of this nature will take an emotional toll on the survivor.

Cosmetic surgery offers the opportunity for some women to have a breast reconstruction. However, each individual must decide for themselves if breast reconstruction is the right decision for them. To say that this is a personal and intimate decision would be oversimplifying things. Women who are contemplating breast reconstruction need to take the time to first learn about the surgery and to understand the physical and emotional effects the surgery will have on them.

There are two primary types of breast reconstruction. The first is implant reconstruction. This is a procedure where a silicone implant is used to create the breast shape. The second is known as autologous tissue reconstruction. In this procedure, tissue is taken from other parts of the body to create a breast form. Since each case is different, implant reconstruction may work better for some, whereas autologous tissue reconstruction may work better for others. There are also instances where the cosmetic surgeon may opt to do a combination of the two.

It is important to have a detailed conversation with our board-certified plastic surgeon about all of the options that are available for your unique circumstance. Sit down and review all of your choices with the goal of getting the full picture before making a decision.

When determining whether or not to have a breast reconstruction, some things that are imperative to consider are whether or not having a permanent breast shape is important to you. Many who opt for the surgery do so because they feel that having a reconstructed breast is a lot more convenient than having and caring for a prosthetic breast.

Deciding whether or not to undergo a breast reconstruction is a very personal decision. It is one that should only be made after researching the procedures that are available and taking the time to understand the effects the procedure will have.

To get all the facts about breast reconstruction, make an appointment at the office of Dr. Wendell Perry, MD in Miramar. Our team of professionals will help you reach your aesthetic goals after evaluating the unique condition of your chest. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.