The Top Beauty Trends for 2021

There’s no argument that 2020 was a year unlike any other. With salons and spas closing due to the COVID pandemic, beauty maintenance became a home-based DIY project. People were able to put extra emphasis on self-care, as well. The significant increase of digital and online tools affected a wide range of beauty needs.

The latest trends in post-pandemic beauty focus on hygienic products and practices, simplified routines around makeup and hair-care, and minimalist beauty looks. Low maintenance is in and our beauty needs are changing as we become increasingly home-based.

Here’s a detailed look at some of the top beauty trends for 2021.

1. Dramatic boost of hygiene practices

One of the most drastic changes throughout 2020 has been the heightened use of soaps and hand sanitizers. These products often dry out the skin, causing a need for less irritating products with increased moisturizing capabilities. By necessity, hygiene became #trending over the last year. The wider use of soaps and sanitizers has led to a need for greater hydration and moisturization for our skin, especially around the delicate facial area.

2. “Skinimalism”

As the minimalist trend expands to the beauty arena, the no-makeup look is in, along with natural-looking makeup featuring built-in skincare capabilities. We are embracing natural beauty and less makeup. We are also looking for transfer-proof makeup in the age of facemasks, such as liquid lipstick, which sticks to your face, not your mask.

3. “Maskne”

Mask-related acne, once a problem mainly in professions where masks are required to be worn regularly, is now affecting other people. Face coverings make our skin increasingly vulnerable to irritation. Soothing face sprays and other mask-relief skincare products will become common as face coverings are now part of the new normal.

4. Advanced blue light protection

The pandemic has brought our digital lives to the forefront as we spend additional time online. This has broadened awareness of the damaging effects of blue light on our skin. An array of new products are being released to enhance blue light protection.

5. Cosmetic procedures for “Zoom face”

Have you heard of “Zoom face?” Video conferencing has become a way of life for numerous people over the past year. This leads to staring yourself in the face on camera for hours a day. “Zoom face” is a term coined to describe the greater levels of self-consciousness and dissatisfaction with our own appearance on camera. For instance, we notice lines around our lips since we spend greater amounts of time watching ourselves talk on camera. Also, we look down into cameras and notice a double chin. Crow’s feet, eye bags, and forehead wrinkles all become conspicuous as we watch our own faces all day.

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