Tips for a Successful Brazilian Butt Lift Recovery

Seeing a board-certified plastic surgeon is the best way to ensure a successful Brazilian butt lift procedure, but how successful your recovery is will be partly up to you! The main goal of your recovery is to preserve as many fat cells as possible. These tips can help you during your recovery to ensure your healing and comfort for optimal results.

Manage pain

You can expect some bruising, swelling, and discomfort where fat cells were harvested and placed. The first night is typically the most challenging, with side effects continuing to subside in the following days. To help manage discomfort, you will be provided with prescription pain medication, or you might choose an over-the-counter pain reliever.

No sitting

While some fat cells will die no matter what, it is up to you to retain as many as possible during your recovery. The best way to preserve your new fat cells is to avoid sitting for at least ten days. Any pressure on your buttocks while sitting or laying on your back can restrict blood flow and kill the fat cells. So, for the best results, avoid sitting and make sure to sleep on your stomach or side.

Light exercise

You should not do anything strenuous during the first week of your recovery, but after that time, it is important to do some light walking and activity. This gets your blood flowing to improve your circulation, resulting in quicker healing for best results.

Wear your compression garment

During your recovery, it is important to wear your compression garment for several weeks after your procedure. This will reduce swelling and promote healing of the harvested fat cells. The compression garment has the rear cut out to ensure no fat cells are killed.

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