What Are the Benefits of the Brazilian Butt Lift?

Many women and even men wish for a larger, rounder, lifted butt, but achieving this look can be difficult with exercises alone! With the Brazilian butt lift, you can enhance your backside using your own natural fat cells. Unlike a buttock augmentation with implants, the Brazilian butt lift only requires tiny incisions for fat placement, leaving minimal to no scarring. Along with the benefits during surgery, you can also expect these benefits after your procedure:

Reduce fat from another area of your body

Have you ever wished you could move fat from one area and use it to enhance another? The Brazilian butt lift does just that! The Brazilian butt lift involves taking fat cells from one area of your body through the use of liposuction and placing them in the buttocks. This typically involves the abdomen or thighs, allowing you to receive the slimming, contouring benefits of liposuction in these areas.

Improve your body proportions

By redistributing fat cells from one area to another, you can improve your overall body proportions. When you gain weight, new fat cells are not produced, only existing fat cell expands. So, with fat cells taken from one area and added to another, you will maintain your new proportions for a slimmer waist or thighs and an enhanced butt, even with slight weight fluctuations.

Achieve a natural look and feel

Many patients don’t like the idea of using foreign material like implants for their enhancement procedure. The Brazilian butt lift offers a more natural alternative for a soft look and feel. By using your own fat cells, there is also a minimized risk of infection and no risk of your body rejecting the material.

Enjoy quick results that last

While there will be some swelling, bruising, and redness after your Brazilian butt lift procedure, you can notice improved volume right away! It’s very important to follow all of Dr. Perry’s post-op instructions carefully in order to retain the most fat cells possible. Some fat cells will be lost, however, you can ensure your new fat cells survive the transfer by avoiding sitting or laying on your back for several weeks. Any pressure on the buttocks during this time could cut off the blood supply to the new cells. After this time, the fat cells that remain are there to stay for a long-lasting enhancement!

Dr. Perry is an expert in Brazilian butt lift procedures and can help you achieve the fuller buttocks and improved body proportions you desire. To learn more about the benefit of the Brazilian butt lift and to find out if the procedure is right for you, contact our office today.