Why Fall is the Best Season for Plastic Surgery

Oftentimes, people believe summer is the best time for plastic surgery because the weather is nice and people have more free time. However, autumn may be a better season for plastic surgery. This article discusses reasons why fall is a great time for surgery.

The Weather is Cooler in the Fall

Patients who have surgery in the fall often have a quicker and easier recovery because they don’t have to worry about the heat. The cooler weather allows the patient’s body to heal without the worry of sweat, which can lead to infection.

Patients also don’t have to worry about hiding their surgery healing scars from the sun during the autumn months. Most patients don’t want to show their scars when wearing shorts and tank tops in the summer, but in the fall, they can easily cover up their scars with long sleeves and pants.

Fewer Holidays

Fall is a great time to have surgery because there are fewer holidays. Patients can take time off from work or school without missing important family gatherings. Most plastic surgeons advise their patients to take two weeks off from work or school, which is easier to do when there are fewer holidays.

Convenient Surgery Dates

Fall is often a slower time for plastic surgeon, which means patients can often get surgery dates that are more convenient for them. Patients considering surgery should start looking for a surgeon during the autumn months.

Fall is a Great Time to Get Ready for the Holidays

Fall is a great time to have surgery because it gives patients plenty of time to recover before the holidays. By the time the winter holidays roll around, patients will be able to enjoy their surgery results to the fullest!

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