Why The Holidays Are a Great Time for Cosmetic Surgery

Although plastic surgery may be the last thing you think about during the holidays, it’s actually the best time of year for cosmetic surgery. Whether you’re considering procedures like liposuction, breast augmentation, or a facelift, or even if you’re considering minimally invasive aesthetic procedures like laser treatment or injectables, the holidays are the best time to schedule your procedure.

The weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas are the busiest for plastic surgeons. Here are just a few reasons to consider adding your procedure to your calendar this holiday season.

The Holidays Means Faster and Uninterrupted Recovery

During holidays, it’s likely you’ll have much more free time to dedicate to your recovery. It can also be easier to find help with things like tasks around the house, cooking, cleaning, and managing pets and kids. This means you can take the time you need to rest and take care of yourself.

It Easy To Hide Surgeries During the Holidays

Winter is the perfect time to conceal signs that you’ve undergone surgery under comfy, warm clothing. Even after your initial recovery is complete, it’s common to still have minor swelling and bruising that can affect your confidence and even give away that you’ve had a procedure. If you need discretion after your procedure, then the holidays can be a great time to avoid any unwanted attention.

Holidays Mean Time Off from Work

The holiday season is a fantastic opportunity for people with tight schedules to undergo plastic surgery. You may have floating holidays to take advantage of to help you extend your downtime without needing to take vacation or time away from work versus other times of the year. Additionally, you may have an easier time asking for time off around the holidays and can avoid too many questions about your extended vacation.

Schedule a Consultation

The holidays are an excellent time to get started on your ideal plastic surgery procedure. To learn more and meet with Dr. Perry, we invite you to contact ourAlexandria – Woodbridge, VA & Rockville, MD office by calling or filling out our online form.