What are the Benefits of a Fat Transfer?

When a person gets sick, one of the ways that you can tell is because their face takes on a hollow and thin appearance. The same thing happens as a person ages. The fat deposits that give their face a full and round appearance slowly begin to dissipate. Many who have lost facial volume have decided to use fat transfer procedures to restore their facial volume and give them a youthful look. Many individuals prefer using a fat transfer as opposed to dermal injections. Fat transfers allow an individual to correct facial imperfections by using a material that comes from the patient’s own body.

When used as a cosmetic treatment, fat transfers are long-lasting, can be used in different parts of the body and are safe. Fat transfers have also become the preferred method of addressing facial volume for individuals who are allergic to dermal fillers. The primary benefit of fat transfers is that the patient experiences no allergic reaction.

Collagen injections that are used as a dermal filler are created from bovine tissue. Before they are used on the patient, the patient must undergo allergy tests and then wait for the results of the test before the treatment. Even dermal fillers that are made from hyaluronic acid pose risk of an allergic reaction. For many patients, fat transfers are the most reliable way to increase facial volume without worrying about having a bad reaction.

Another reason why fat transfers are popular is because the results are long-lasting. Research shows that approximately two thirds of the fat that is injected into a person will be reabsorbed by the body a few months after the procedure. However, one third is going to last for years. There are also very few risks associated with fat transfer procedures.

Fat transfers can go hand-in-hand with other cosmetic procedures, such as a liposuction. Many patients feel that having a fat transfer procedure in conjunction with a secondary cosmetic procedure is a cost-effective way to get the look they want.

The popularity of the fat transfer procedure these days proves that it is one that works and that has benefited many people. At the office of Dr. Wendell Perry, MD in Miramar, many patients are choosing a fat transfer as a safe and effective way to say goodbye to wrinkles and hello to facial volume. Contact our office today to schedule your appointment to see how a fat transfer can benefit you.