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Should You Get a Breast Reduction?

Breast reduction is a surgical method which helps reduce the size of your breasts. When you have breasts that are significantly large, then it may lead to medical issues like physical pain in the [...]

August 16, 2019

Why Do Women Get Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation is the procedure for breast enhancement or enlargement.  The procedure usually requires the use of implants in order to enhance the size of your breasts. The implants help with [...]

August 12, 2019

8 Liposuction Myths Debunked

Liposuction is a cosmetic surgery commonly used by individuals who find it difficult to lose fat in certain areas with the use of diet and exercise. But despite the popularity of the procedure, many [...]

August 12, 2019

The Best Options for Male Body Contouring

Many men seek out body contouring procedures just like women. Often, it’s because they struggle to get rid of fatty pockets that are resistant to diet and exercise. These pockets of fat are common, [...]

July 8, 2019

What to Expect From Your Liposuction

After losing a substantial amount of weight, you probably have areas where it's difficult to lose pockets of stubborn fat. Liposuction is a procedure performed by Dr. Perry that can give you the [...]

June 12, 2019

Where can Liposuction be Used?

Fat can accumulate virtually anywhere on the body. While a lot of fat can be removed with the right diet and regular exercise, some pockets of stubborn fat might remain, hiding your toned contour. [...]

January 29, 2019

Is the Brazilian Butt Lift Right for You?

The Brazilian butt lift is a highly popular procedure that can enhance the size, shape, and contour of your buttocks using your own fat cells. However, the procedure is not right for everyone, so [...]

January 25, 2019

Is the Brazilian Butt Lift Better Than Implants?

There are a few different options to choose from when it comes to enhancing the shape and contour of your backside. The procedure you choose will depend on your concerns, anatomy, and the opinion of [...]

November 26, 2018

When You Should Choose a Breast Lift

The breast lift is meant to restore perkier and more youthful breasts once sagging occurs. There are many life factors that can change the position of the breasts and the nipples. By removing the [...]

November 19, 2018