How Can a Fat Transfer Benefit Me?

Fat transfer has become one of the most popular procedures in the world of cosmetic surgery. With this procedure, you can tap into the potential that is hidden inside your own body in order to enhance another part of your body. If you have extra fat someplace on your frame and you have a feature that needs more volume, a fat transfer could be the best approach for you. It’s all about taking what you already have and putting it to the best use.

How Does a Fat Transfer Work?

The process begins with identifying an area where you have excess fat on your body. For example, you may have a deposit of fat that is clinging to your stomach. Or you may have aggravating fat on your hips, your thighs or your buttocks. During a fat transfer procedure, this fat is removed. The fat must then be purified before it is injected into the area that you wish to enhance.

Where Can You Put Fat to Use in Your Body?

A fat transfer is typically used to add volume to the buttocks. Your fat can also be transferred to your face if you have developed hollows in your cheeks or under your eyes. It can also smooth out wrinkles on your face. If your lips have thinned with aging or you have never had plump lips, you can choose to have a fat transfer to give you more fullness.

Why Choose to Have a Fat Transfer?

If a fat transfer will give you the results you want, you can benefit from this natural treatment option. You’ll be using something that came from your own body. This will put you at less of a risk for complications. You’ll get rid of unwanted fat and move it to someplace else that needs it. You will like how your own fat feels when it is used to give you more fullness on another part of your body. This is a minor procedure that will mean less downtime for you. If you don’t want anything foreign in your body, you should consider using your own fat.

Make an Appointment to Learn More

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